Chandrah Jewellery

In today’s seemingly chaotic world, I’ll take any type of spiritual blessing or mystical protection, especially if it comes in the form of beautiful gemstone jewelry. IMG_5242

Chandrah Jewellery is a unique handmade collection of beautiful jewelry designed with love and healing power or as the brand says, “made with love and light”.  Each piece is strung together by hand using precious and semi-precious stones.


I love the black and white Medi Bracelet made with Howlite and Lava Stone and the beautiful gold plated Buddha piece adds such a charming touch. I’ve been wearing it on most days and especially when I feel like I need an extra boost of positive energy and good vibes.  My boyfriend adores it so much that I seem to find it on his wrist every time I’m not looking. Everyone needs a little extra luck their way right?  🙂



My divine bracelet definitely gave me some major good luck on my shopping excursion today since I did score a major sweet deal on these Coach vintage boots and bag. Check out their unique and beautiful designs at  You can purchase my gorgeous Medi bracelet here


Don’t forget to purchase one or a few for your significant other and loved ones in your life. The jewelry is the perfect thoughtful gift for the holidays and to invite in the New Year. <3


With love and light,



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